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  • Folder Redirection Permissions...

    Hi All,

    I am trying to redirect Application Data, Desktop and My Documents to a SAMBA server (Linux file server) with Windows 7. (using Windows Server 2003 GPO's to do this).

    But Windows 7 doesn't seem to have access to create the directories... even though the user itself does have permissions... and Windows XP are able to create these directories...

    so when folder redirection does create these directories, what account is it using? because if it's System or Creator Owner, etc, these accounts don't exist on the Samba server...

    Or is there some authentication protocol i.e NTLMv2 that isn't available in Samba... since Windows XP with NTLMv1 works fine... but I am not experienced with Samba or Linux but do need to redirect to Samba as thats where staff and students home directories are located.

    But if I create these directories before hand, it all works well, it detects theres directories there and use them... but I don't want to magically create these directories, would like Folder Redirection do it for me.

    Anyone have any idea?
    Many thanks

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    Re: Folder Redirection Permissions...

    I suspect you are looking at a samba config issue as to the best of my knowledge the account used is that of the user.

    You'd need to check the logs on the linux box to see what it says. Also, how old is that box? Is it running an old version of samba that maybe just doesn't know how to talk to Win7?