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Migrate SBS 2003 to Server Std. 2008

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  • Migrate SBS 2003 to Server Std. 2008

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a migration guide for migrating sbs 2003 to server standard 2008. I've seen the sbs to sbs guides and one for sbs to standard would be incredible helpful.


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    Re: Migrate SBS 2003 to Server Std. 2008

    That depends on what you are migrating.

    Are you just migrating AD or are you going up to separate products like Exchange/Sharepoint etc. What user data does the server store as you will need to take that into consideration?

    If you are just migrating AD then its fairly easy.

    1) Build your 2008 install.
    2) Give it a static IP
    3) dcpromo into the network (dcpromo /domainprep and /forestprep first)
    4) Transfer all the roles to the 2008 machine
    5) Kill the old server (To do it properly would involve uninstalling Exchange then dcpromo it out of the domain, look up the 2003 SBS -> 2008/2011 SBS migration docs, otherwise shut it down and do a metadata/dns cleanup)

    Adding in Exchange means that once the new server is joined you will have to install that and shift things over before decommisioning the old server, plus any extra data..planning is key and the devil is in the details


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      Re: Migrate SBS 2003 to Server Std. 2008

      what are you hoping to gain by going from SBS to Std ?

      Are you already, or about to be, exceeding the 75 user limit ?
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