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can't login after AD install in server 2003

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  • can't login after AD install in server 2003


    I'm new here and will tell you right off that my technical knowledge is not that great. I have a machine with server 2003 installed that I was given for learning purposes. I am attempting to setup active directory and followed the steps on the petri website up to completing step 4. After running dcpromo everything seemed to be ok and I was prompted to restart. Upon restart I am not able to login. Under options/logon to, the only choice is the local computer name (which changed), the new domain doesn't show up. My old username/pass doesn't work and I can't seem to logon as administrator with any password I know of. Just hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.



    -Sorry if this is a typical newb question. After looking around the forum I was able to login into safe mode/directory recovery. I did not create a administrator user acct. prior to restarting after running dcpromo. Is there a way I can just undo the active directory setup in safe mode and start over?
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    Re: can't login after AD install in server 2003

    Ok - if the DCPromo worked correctly, you should only be able to logon to the domain - you should have provided a domain administrator password.

    (Unless you joined an existing domain?)

    I don't know how the local machine name could have chnaged - Id suggest rolling back and starting again, as something went wrong, somewhere.

    In terms of background, with a domain controller, once it joins the domain, it will no longer have any local user accounts, so in reality the only account you can use to logon is the domain administrator (or other appropriate account)

    You will see this based on the fact that you can only log on to the domain, and not to the local workstation - IE, the drop down won't drop down..

    If you're still getting an option to logon locally, then chances are it's not a domain controller, but may have actually been joined to the domain.
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      Re: can't login after AD install in server 2003

      Thanks for the input.

      Your're right the computer's name didn't change. I looked at the dcpromo .log file and found that for whatever reason it created a domain named the same as the computer, but with a "0" after it. I mistook it for the computer name, and don't know why it didn't use the domain name I tried to give it. Like I mentioned I am able to log into safe mode with the restore mode password I entered, so I am not completely locked out. I think I'll take your advice and try to undo the changes I made.

      Thanks again