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  • Server Access

    Hi all,

    I have this weird issue, with windows server 2003 OS,

    the keyboard works fine on the bios and pre os, once the os loaded the keyboard stopped responding (at the log in window for example.), tried usb and ps2 with different keyboards,
    also tried safe mode option, and getting the same problem...

    The DHCP client on the server is disabled so i can't RDP it.

    anyone ideas how to access the files or the os or maybe enabling the dchp client?

    thanks alot.

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    Re: Server Access


    I don't understand why a DHCP setting is preventing you from using RDP. Why not use the machine name for RDP instead of the IP address?

    I've no idea why the server is not recognising any keyboard. Do you have a KVM switch you can attach and try or PS2-USB adaptors?
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      Re: Server Access

      The DHCP Client is not started... so network card will never get an IP.
      so RDP or any network connection is not an option, unfortunately.

      tried the usb/ps2 convertor with no luck.
      I'll skip the kvm test because i already got the data, but sounds like nice idea and it might even work with the kvm...

      I got ubuntu boot cd and copied all of the needed data.

      the os, for some reason "disconnects" the keyboard, probably drivers that clashes.

      thanks for the post,
      have a great day.


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        Re: Server Access

        The server must be using an APIPA address - this is 169.254.x.x and unfortunately, the x.x are randomly assigned.

        Are you prepared to run sfc /scannow on the operating system to see if it might fix it? Or, failing that, run a repair option from Windows Setup?

        Whoops - you won't be able to use SFC, so I guess the only option would be to run Setup and let Setup repair the installation of Windows.
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          Re: Server Access

          Something else just occurred to me - how long have you waited for the server to recognise a keyboard? Have you tried leaving it for 30mins or longer?

          What you need is something that will get the APIPA address to allow you to RDP. nbtstat? I don't know how you'd do that and I can't test it. Ping servername?
          A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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            Re: Server Access

            You could try a crossover cable into a machine running a network sniffer to see if the machine broadcasts anything on the network giving away its IP address.

            As to the keyboard not working, the missing question is what happened to get it like this? We had one client that had third party software installed that disabled the input unless you hit a special key combination.

            Also, are you sure that the keyboard stops responding or is it possible that the server itself is locking up? Can you turn numlock off and on as that's normally a good test for the keyboard..


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              Re: Server Access

              I thought loading from windows cd setup and repair the system or maybe even to open the cmd console and net start dchp client.
              problem I couldn't load the SATA RAID drivers so it did not recognize any HD...

              With the waiting for the keyboard to be installed, yes i waited more than 1 day

              about the crossover cable, i did connect it to other computer but never got the time to continue with a sniffer to check if the server got apipa.

              like you think. beddo. i also think that some third party application is blocking, preventing or even clashes with the keyboards connected.

              but I have no way to find out what causes it or how it happened.

              anyway, I got all the important data out, so i going to stop spending more time trying to fix it.
              will install new os...

              thanks again, u all.


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                Re: Server Access

                This is yet another reason why a Server should have a Static IP.

                Using the crossover cable method, set your client PC to a 169.254.x.x, give it an 8 bit Subnet Mask and then get The Dude (Google it) to scan for IPs.
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