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Unpredictable slowness with 2003

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  • Unpredictable slowness with 2003

    Got a Windows server here that falls apart after several hours of use. Gets really slow, then speeds up for a few seconds, then gets really slow again and repeats until reboot. Canít seem to pinpoint what is failing. Canít reproduce the problem at will either. No obvious errors in Event Logs. Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic for several hours with no errors. Hereís the layout:

    Xenapp x64, v4.5 Rollup6
    Windows 2003-R2 Ent. Ed. (disc 2 not installed)
    48 GB of Registered ECC PC10600 RAM
    Dual L5640 XEONs
    X8DTU-F mainboard, BIOS current from mfg website
    Areca ARC-1880IX-24(1GB), BIOS v1.49
    RAIDset0 (RAID6): vol000: 12 disks: C: OS/Pagefile
    RAIDSet1 (RAID6): vol001: 12 disks: D: Applications
    (24) disks are 146GB Seagate ST9146852SS all but 1 at firmware 0005. One is at firmware 0002.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Unpredictable slowness with 2003

    When you say slow what do you mean slow???

    Have you updated all your drivers to the latest available versions from the manufacturers???

    Escpecially the NIC if your getting degraded network perforamnce.

    What speed are your switches running at???

    Tried a different switch port???

    What is your memory usage like on the server at the time of a slow down???

    What AV scanner are you running??? Is this interfering with the transfer process???


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      Re: Unpredictable slowness with 2003

      Check that any management software is installed corretly. Acer had an issue with this where if an option was not selected it would reboot every 24 hours. Solution was to uninstall and reinstall the software.

      Is you Server a real Server or a white box? If real, make and model please. Ta
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