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Disconnecting from server 2003

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  • Disconnecting from server 2003

    I have Server 2003 and 4 Users, Domain controller; Iím also using software with SQL data base on the server. The problem is with one user that every few minutes (it can be 5 and can be few hours) he got disconnected from the server, and kicking him of the software and he needs to log off and log back in and itís resolving the problem.
    This user is administrator so its not permission issue. The only thing with this user that he connects through switch that I split in his office with a network printer.
    The switch is ďNETGEARĒ brand and itís new.
    I tried to replace the network wires but its still the same.
    I will appreciate any suggestion.

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    Re: Disconnecting from server 2003

    What the client version? Did you tried to upgrade the network adapter driver? Replace the network adapter with Intel/Broadcom NIC?
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      Re: Disconnecting from server 2003

      What is the switch size? 5 Port, 8, 16, 24, managed/unmanaged or is it one of the Print Server with switch?
      Have you tried using another port for the PC as it is not unheard of for the port to be faulty.
      Have you tried removing the printer to see if that may be a cause?
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