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Clearing WSUS content after partial un-install

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  • Clearing WSUS content after partial un-install


    Was not sure where to post this. I have taken on a Standard 2003 R2 server. It looks to have had WSUS installed at some point but has been removed. There is still a lot of data in the \WSUS\WsusContent folder (49Gb) I have previously used the WSUS Tools to clear these down but as WSUS has been removed (properly?) I cannot go down the normal path.

    Not knowing WSUS that well, my question is, can I remove the contents of the WsusContent folder without causing any problems?

    Thanks for any help,


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    Re: Clearing WSUS content after partial un-install

    From memory, when you uninstall WSUS it asks you if you want to keep the content it has downloaded to save you having to download it again if you reinstall. Take a backup first, but if WSUS has been removed then deleting that folder shouldn't cause a problem.

    Rather then deleting it you may want to perhaps rename it first so that it's easier to get back if anything complains.
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