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Remove & Reinstall DNS in 2003

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  • Remove & Reinstall DNS in 2003

    Sir, i have a domain named and a web site is running in that server. resently the ip address of our local netwok changed and i think that the DNS should be removed and reinstalled. please guide me. my old ip was, gateway is and new ip is and gateway is but DNS are same.

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    Re: Remove & Reinstall DNS in 2003

    Why do you think DNS needs removing?
    Assuming it is AD integrated, all you need to do is change the IP address of the server then run IPCONFIG/REGISTERDNS
    Repeat for all other servers with static IP addresses
    Also change DHCP scope and then repair network on clients
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      Re: Remove & Reinstall DNS in 2003

      If you do need to reinstall DNS, Daniel has an article on this site about installing and configuring DNS in Windows Server 2003. It will show you where to go to install DNS, which is also where to go to uninstall it first.
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