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ADMIN$ share not available over VPN

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  • ADMIN$ share not available over VPN

    From my 2003 server I am unable to browse workstations on other networks connected with site-to-site VPN.

    For the sake of discussion, assume I'm authenticating with Domain Admin credentials.

    Here's the set up:
    Main Site --IPSecVPN--> Remote site ------------>

    A) The server at the main site cannot browse the default ADMIN$ share of any workstation at the remote site.

    B) However, within the main site the server can browse ADMIN$ shares of local workstations
    ..and.. within the remote site a workstation can browse ADMIN$ shares of other local workstations

    So, it would seem there's something in the VPN that's blocking the ADMIN$ share of the workstations.

    C) BUT, remote site workstations have no_trouble browsing shares on the server including ADMIN$.

    Given A, B & C ... what's going on here?!

    Server = Windows 2003
    Workstations = XP Pro SP2/SP3
    Routers = Linksys BEFVP41

    Thanks in advance,
    Jason Morrill
    IT Manager

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    Re: ADMIN$ share not available over VPN

    can you browse OTHER shares at the remote site ?
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      Re: ADMIN$ share not available over VPN

      Two things strike me here:
      • are you using the fqdn to map the drive i.e. \\server.mydomain.local\share_name or just \\server\share_name ? Try the former rather than the latter.
      • More likely is static routes. Do you have them configured on your demand dial connections? The connection on server on subnet must have static route for the subnet and vice versa. Because it is directly connected to the remote network the server itself can access the shares but it's clients can't without static routes configured.
      Hope this helps.


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        Re: ADMIN$ share not available over VPN

        Do you have any rules blocking traffic across your VPN tunnels???