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Active directory - w2k SBS with SP2

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  • Active directory - w2k SBS with SP2

    Hi Mr.Petri,
    Thank you so much, I was able to recover domain administrator password in a W2K SBS with SP2 domain controller with mirrored volumes, because of your website. Ours is a christian school -we had a previous IT Teacher-in-charge of computer room with w2k server and a class computers. Recently he lost the password or took the school to a hook with the password. That is, he blocked the present teacher having administrator access.
    Then I as the Teacher-in-charge of the academic affairs, following your website articles reset the domain administrator password. This is what I exactly did. The server had 3 SCSI hard drives. 2 mirrored having C (system) and D (User Data) drive names. 3rd one was a simple one. All were dynamic.
    In the disk management, I removed the mirror of the second drive and deleted it. Immediately the 1st drive's D volume changed its name to H. Then, I deleted the 2nd drive's D volume thinking that I would re-mirror it later. I set the logon trick in action. and restarted the computer. After 15 minutes, the command prompt appeared. Instead of tying "mmc dsa.msc", I by mistake typed "net user administrator (password)". Then after pressing the ENTER button and EXITted the prompt. I logged in using the password I set.

    Then I reset the login trick files in the system root winnt folder. Then I went to the disk management, changed the H volume of the 1st drive to D. One message appeared, I clicked OK .And the I re-mirrored to the 2nd disk. Overall back to what I saw at the first place.

    Problem: When I went Start/SBS Adminisrator console, normal mmc screen appears. Everything is there. But when I click on the computers, nothing appears on the right. And when I click on the Active directory and compters, a message appears instead of the objects on the right. "Naming information can not be located because; no authority could be contacted for authentification. Contact your system administrator to verify that your domain is properly configured and is currenly online"

    But when I used the logon trick again, under the prompt before logon, for "mmc dsa.msc", SBS administrator console appears and everything is available.Everything is OK. All objects are seen as normal. But after login, the problem is there.

    Then I thought to use the 'ntdsutil - authoritative restore....' under DSRmode. But I did not know the password. Then I again normally booted, used the "setpwd.exe" to change the DSRmode password. Message "password changed successfully" appeared. BUT under DSRmode that password does not work. When I tried to logon to the server from workstations, "server unavailable. There are currently no logon server available to service the logon request" message appears, still I logged in under the domain usernames. Able to ping the server.

    Now I am thinking of changing to SP4 and try to change the DSRmode password. But I don't like to spoil the server with the data.

    Would you help me please? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you

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    Re: Active directory - w2k SBS with SP2

    You should make two changes:

    1. Reset the local (DSMODE) password with ERD 2005 etc.

    2. After this, logon into DS Mode and use:

    For backup - Please image the server to another disks or Ghost server.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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