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  • Running a Script

    Hi there.

    I have a tiny little issue.

    I have this Software called Syncpro that audits the pc's on our networks.
    I have a folder setup with a hidden share to a specific folder and in a bat file i have put in the following criteria \\server\sync$\collector.exe.

    How ever when i add the bat file to the startup GPO of the computers it does not run on the users pc's and doesn;t audit them.

    I am running a Mixed Enviroment of 2000 and 2003 server, but the AD that is running the logon's and scripts is a 2000 server.

    Is there anyway i can possibley see what is preventing it from running? Or if anyone has any advice that would be great pls.


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    Re: Running a Script

    Where does the audit log sit? On the hidden share?
    What are the permissions on the hidden share?
    Is the hidden share on a 2000 or 2003 server?
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