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Win2k3 & IIS Problem

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  • Win2k3 & IIS Problem

    Good afternoon. I have a windows server 2003 with IIS hosting two websites. One of the sites is which is open to everyone on the internet.

    The second site is for employee's only and is accessed at . When this site is accessed it asks for a user name and password (I turned off the annony access in IIS to this site.)

    All was good. I added a form I made in front page that when the user clicks the "SIBMIT" button, there is another username/password rompt box...and nothing works here. Users don't work but my account with admin rights works. What acccess right would make that work that I need to add to my regular users.

    If I turn on the annony access again the form works perfect and sends the results just like I want to. But I want to have the users log in to the employees only site using there domain accounts.

    The www site is the default site and the employees only section is done with what I think it called a virtual server or a host header...not for sure on the term.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Re: Win2k3 & IIS Problem

    Further investigation has revealed that there is something "important" about the user belonging to the "Administrators" group.

    Any of my regular domain users work correctly when submitting the form if I change them to an administrator...but they do not work as a domain user.

    How should I proceed from this point?