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DFS to backup folder on another network range?

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  • DFS to backup folder on another network range?

    Hi All,

    One of my DCs which also hold all user documents also has the LTO4 drive we use for backups and backs up all the server over night. Works great.

    Question is we also have a development network on a separate IP range which has its backups taken by Veeam and dumped to the SAN each night. Originally to get these dumped to tape I configured my DC's second NIC to have an IP in this range as well and the backups then flew through 3000mb/min. But I realised the other day this technically makes the DC Multihomed so could explain some funky problems I've been having so I removed it.

    Problem is the backup speed now drops to 500mb/min as its going through out main lan > firewall > development as opposed to direct to development.

    To speed it up, does this option make sense. I have another server, managment which has a NIC on both lans. Could I install DFS on this and setup a Stand Alone Root (not in AD) and have it create a DFS share to the VM which does the Development Backups? This way then my DC can connect to the management PC over the regular LAN and backup the DFS share that way, and should hopefully run at full speed?

    Or am I making it too complicated?



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    Re: DFS to backup folder on another network range?


    I would suggest first give it a try. if i were do setup this i would have performed a lab test first.
    The reason being although it sounds possible in theory.

    But again you going to multihome your dc to give it access to management pc for dfs replication. isn't ?
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      Re: DFS to backup folder on another network range?

      Thanks v-2nas.

      Will give it a try this week. Yeah I'd normally try in a lab first but as it was already running the backups fine it never crossed my mind that the DC was multi homed.

      Wont have to multi home the DC again, because it already has access to the management server (which isn't a DC) I'm thinking of putting DFS on via the main LAN, but the DFS server also has a nic connected to the SAN, so I'd assume DFS could connect to that.