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DFS root from DC to Member?

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  • DFS root from DC to Member?


    I have AD in a Native Windows 2000 enviroment.
    There are 6 Sites (Locations) in the domain.
    A dfsroot is configured on each DC (one per site) in each Site.
    (DFSROOT= \\\software

    Now on one site i implement a Windows 2003 member server.
    To make space available on the DC in that site i create a new root replica member on the Member server 2003.
    This work fine, but now i want to delete the dfsroot replication member from the DC.

    After i do this the root is still available but it point to a DC in one of the other sites.

    the dfsutil /insite is performed and clients should stay local.

    I guess the problem is that the dfsroot is not on a DC in the particular site.

    Can anyone enlighten me?

    Thanks in advance

    Michel, Netherlands
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