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FTP keeps timing out ....PLEASE HELP!

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  • FTP keeps timing out ....PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone,

    I have a server 2003 box with dual nic. This server only serves as an FTP server. I have one NIC connected to our internal network where our internal employees can place/checkout documents in folders which are home folders for FTP external users. The second NIC is connected to an outside DSL line which customers use to connect to our FTP server with, ex: and are challenged with login. The way the FTP is setup is each user can only see their own folder. So far this setup has been working just fine, but lately ( past couple of months), i get phone calls that ftp site is not working. Sure enough i am not able to get to What i have found out so far is that i have to disable and enable the outside (external) nic and then i can get to and customers are able to connect again. This happens atleast onces a day, everyday. I dont see any errors in the event viewer. All along, internal employees are able to still connect to ftp folders. I am so confused. What can be the issue. Each nic is setup with static IP.

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    Re: FTP keeps timing out ....PLEASE HELP!

    A few things to try:
    Replace the cable.
    Force the speed and duplex on the switch/firewall and NIC
    check the logs on both the server and switch/firewall for errors (inc collisions)
    Check the FTP logs to see if something is hammering it.
    Upgrade firmware/drivers for the NIC

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      Re: FTP keeps timing out ....PLEASE HELP!

      OK i have updated the drivers and still it keeps going off line. What i did was set the internal nic to dhcp address (dhcp reservation) and external is still connected to a seperate DSL with static ip. Now i am seeing the following error message a lot of them on the ASA 5510 "portmap translation creation failed for udp src Production" over and over again.

      thanks for your help/advice


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        Re: FTP keeps timing out ....PLEASE HELP!

        The external NIC, is it connected to a live IP or is it a NAT through the Modem/Router?
        What FTP Client software are the home users using?
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