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Restarting the DFS Service on the DC

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  • Restarting the DFS Service on the DC

    Following on from the thread under Windows 2008, but moved here for correctness.

    I am having problems creating new namespaces on our Storage Server, and after much digging around - most of which wasn't *exactly* the issue I was seeing - I found out that the dfssvc.exe on the PDC emulator is using 2 gigs of VM, the limit under 32-bit Windows 2003.

    There is a MS article about that service having a memory leak whenever you enumerate the DFS roots, and this might explain the errors I get when trying to create a namespace, and the enumeration errors I see when trying to add a namespace to display.

    So what I want to do is restart the DFS service on the PDC, however I am unsure of what affect that would have on the existing namespaces being hosted by a couple of storage servers.

    I wish I could create a test environment to try this out, but I don't have those resources available.

    Does anyone have any experience of stopping the DFS service on the PDC? Does it stop users from accessing the file shares using the domain namespace?

    Any comments are appreciated.