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New to DFS - Using replication groups

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  • New to DFS - Using replication groups


    I have set up a DFS namespace and I am trying to use it to duplicate data to a new server that will be relocated. Replicatoin does work, I worked out all the kinks and files do replicate. No DFS members are on a DC.
    In the DFS Management Console:
    -Clicked on the folder under namespace
    - Went to right hand pane and clicked replicate folder
    - Created 2nd target
    - Created Rep Group and so on
    If I am replicating the folders so this one namespace is used in 2 geographic locations (eventually) is this publishing?
    - If I click another folder in the namespace and click replicate I am promped to create ANOTHER replication group. As I understand it the replication group is the memeber servers participating in replication. So why am I creating another Rep group? I would think all replicated folders would be in the same replication group?

    Just not getting how to replicate these things. Local path or create a new group for each folder??