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Using 7-Zip on W2003 Explorer

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  • Using 7-Zip on W2003 Explorer

    Good Morning,

    We use 7-Zip to archive older files. Due to its more efficient compression rates we are able to save a lot of space on our HD's.

    When we want to add more files to the archive we traditionally use Explorer and drag the files onto the archive, but this uses the built-in MS zip routine (COMPRESS.EXE I believe) to add the files and it is not as efficient as 7-Zip.

    Is there any way to have 7-Zip be used automatically in an Explorer drag and drop operation instead of the MS built in routine? The admins know to use 7-Zip but we are trying to get folks to do their own archiving and most use drag and drop.


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    Re: Using 7-Zip on W2003 Explorer

    You could disable the builtin zip program and assuming your user use XP, it would be done so:
    regsvr32 /u %windir%\system32\zipfldr.dll

    7Zip should now be the only compression program available.
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