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Adding Hard disk to RAID 5 Windows 2000 Server

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  • Adding Hard disk to RAID 5 Windows 2000 Server

    I have a domain containing 2 DCs. One runs on W2000 Advanced Server and the other W2000 Server. Both are patched to SP4. Each machine runs RAID5, with Drive D holding the systemvolume. This is for replication.

    What do I have to do to add an extra harddisk SCSI to each machine? Does the system need to be reinstalled? And what are the procedures without downing both server at the same time ?

    Thanx for any help.


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    Win 2000 Raid5

    As long as you're using Windows' software raid solution and each disk has been properly upgraded to a dynamic disk you merely need to install the drive(s) then add them to the array and expand the volume to the new drive(s) in Disk Management.

    However there is one caveat. If the drives were not changed from Basic to Dynamic volumes prior to installing windows (This operation can be problematic - Read this article) and creating the array you can't use Disk Management to extend the partition (you can still add them to the array). If you didn't install Windows to the dynamic volume you can still extend the volume but you'll need to use a 3rd party solution like Partition Magic or Veritas's Volume Manager.

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