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DFS replication - original source needs DFS management installed?

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  • DFS replication - original source needs DFS management installed?


    I set up a DFS namespace (Server 2003 R2) and as I understand it servers doing replicating need the service installed, okay that is done.

    I did not want to mess with the original namespace I created so I brought up anther server and installed DFS and Replication and created a new namespace, points to all the directories the old one does. On yet another server (where I want to replicate data TO) I installed the DFS and replication. My goal is to just replicate the data right now, not have anyone use the new namespace. When I try to run the replicate this folder wizard (source is new namespace folder, target is new server with repl) at the end it pulls an error and says "server ABCD does not have replication installed". But when I look at what server it is indicating it is the SOURCE folder. Meaning the server hosting the share that is in the DFS namespace.

    So now I need DFS replication installed on every server hosting a share?
    Thought it just came from the tree.