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Broken Delegation issue

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  • Broken Delegation issue

    I get broken delegation errors on the server upon running dcdiag /test:dns
    Error: DNS server: IPxx.xx.154.232 [Broken delegated domain]

    I am sure my setup is fine. Users are logging in with no problems. Drives are mapping and so forth. I think I know what the problem is but don't really know how to resolve it. The delegation errors are form a CNANE I created when I first setup DNS. I could not access the internet internally while logged into the domain., so I created a CNAME -
    Under forward lookup zones, under\net\encsd is a CNAME-www Alias (CNAME)
    Inside are the following:
    Alias Name www
    FQDN for Target host:
    My domain name is and my internet domain name is
    I host my website on a internal server that is not part of the domain.
    This is no doubt the issue because I now no why the dcdiag /test:dns displays the
    Also, in DNS, under there is a Host (A) file www pointing to the ip address of my webserver IP address
    Now, how do I resolve it. Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Broken Delegation issue

    Removed cname and create an host (A) record www and pointed to the ip address of the server


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      Re: Broken Delegation issue


      Because .net is top level domain and this is not correct naming covention to be used
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