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Transfer FSMO roles frm DC Retired to DC Current

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  • Transfer FSMO roles frm DC Retired to DC Current

    Hi, I hope someone can help me out here.
    I have DC Retired and DC Current

    During the Transfer process, I left out the following FSMO in DC Retired.
    Schema Master, and Doming Naming Master.

    Which won't be a problem if I didn't do this.....
    In DC Current, believing all is properly transferred, I removed DC Retired by using the DC is permanently offline function.

    So, now I'm stuck in the situation where, I can't nicely transfer the Schema master, and Doming Naming master from DC Retired.
    When I tried to use the Operations Master function in DC Retired to transfer it to DC Current, it says the current FSMO holder cannot be contacted. (Which is correct, since the current FSMO holder (DC Retired) has been manually removed by me)

    Any ideas on how I can get the FSMO transferred or forced into DC Current? RID, PDC and Infrastructure and Global catalog is correcly in DC Current.

    Thanks.... I only realized the problem when I tried to raise the forest to 2003.....

    DC Retired is still functional, the information is there.... How can I just copy it over?
    I've read about seizing and transferring, but read that, it should be my LAST RESORT...

    EDIT Ok, seems like someone else was in my same shoes too.

    But there's not much details on how he managed to get it transferred in the end... Can someone else help me out? Maybe I'm in the wrong section? Should I post in Active Directory?

    Reading more on Seizure/Transfer...
    Ok, seems like I got it wrong initially. I understands it better now.

    Running "list roles for connected server" in ntdsutil I can see that the output for both DC Current and Retired is the same.
    Which is the good news since it means DC Current does have the proper information for 'Seizure' on its own~!

    I was initially under the impression I need to 'Seize' the information by connecting to DC Retired from DC Current.
    I have made an image of both servers, and will try seizing the FSMOs in a while, if there's no better way to get about fixing it. Thanks~

    OK, resolved~! Seizure worked.

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    Re: Transfer FSMO roles frm DC Retired to DC Current

    Well done!
    Carpe FSMO
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      Re: Transfer FSMO roles frm DC Retired to DC Current

      Not too shabby. Only 40 minutes from initial post to when you made the edit for the solved addition. Well done and thanks for coming back with the update for us.
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