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Problems joining domain from workstations

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  • Problems joining domain from workstations

    I have been struggling with setting up my new Dell PE2800 server with Windows 2003 and Exchange.

    Some notes:

    I understand that Microsoft does not recommend running both Exchange and DC on the same machine however I understand the ramifications.

    Second we have an existing server that is a SBS, I added the 2003 Active directory structure thinking I was going to migrate but discovered that that would be a bigger task than I was willing to take on all at once. so I set up the new 2003 server just like the SBS same domain and all, and same exchange set up. Different network and hub/switch so it was isolated. Then imported many of the accounts and machine to the new server excluding the domain, and re configured the accounts.

    However now I can not join the new server with the old clients, I get errors.

    Dell spend hours trying to help me the came to the conclusion that AD was messed up. Is there anything I can do to resolve this as I spend a great deal of time setting up this new server and all the accounts.


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    Re: Problems joining domain from workstations

    Can you let us know what the error messages are? DNS settings, IP settings, DHCP etc...
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      Re: Problems joining domain from workstations

      What did you use to migrate the accounts across??


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        Re: Problems joining domain from workstations

        Make sure that the clients DNS is pointing to the new server.

        Hope that helps.
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          Re: Problems joining domain from workstations


          whats is output of nslookup ?! is it showing / pointing to newer domain ? have you setup clients wins and dns to new domain ? have you check reverse lookup zone on new domain ?!