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error rpc occured unexpectedly

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  • error rpc occured unexpectedly

    GUYS i have a p4 2.4 ghz,256 mb ddr ram , running win 2003 server on my pc .
    AFTER I MADE A CONNECTION TO BROADBAND i have scanned my pc for everything there is no blaster worm in my pc so don't say that it is worm which is creating problem...
    when i connect to internet it gives me error rpc occured unexpectedly and
    computer is going to be shutdown in 60 seconds
    i am able to access internet for 60 seconds only
    no other engg could explain this strange behaviour of windows
    its case not only with my pc but i have tried installing 2003 server on
    other's pc too and same problem occurs

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    Re: error rpc occured unexpectedly

    When you say you have scanned your PC for everything what have you done??

    There are a few viruses that exploit RPC other than Blaster.


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      Re: error rpc occured unexpectedly

      install a good virusscanner and enable a firewall first before connecting the internet.

      This sounds like blaster, or some other kind of virus, like wullieb1 said
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