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    Hi there, I currently have a site up and running using IIS 6.0 with Windows Server 2003. I want to add forums to my domain for example:

    I have MySQL and everything running and ready. I have downloaded the phpbb install package and I'm ready to install it. Does anyone know where/what I need to do to make sure they show up on when I run the install.php file??

    Do I need to create a new site under my main site somehow and name it in IIS first? I'm lost... how do I setup to and make it ready to take forums?

    Thank you,


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    Re: Forums! help

    If you want to use it all depends on the folder structure of your site.

    You can install phpBB without changing anthing in IIS but your forums will most like be\forums\...

    If you want to run it direct under the forums host then I would recommend setting up a new site. In this case you will either need a new public IP or host headers running on the same IP.

    This way the default directory for your forums site can point to (e.g "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\phpbb\forums\")


    Oh and don't forget about creating an A record on your external DNS for !!
    * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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      Re: Forums! help

      Cool thx!!!