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    Hi Guys.

    Any help on this one would be great.

    I want to know lock down the user desktop as much as possible. I was considering using a mandatory profile for all users however the users need to be able to have their own bookmarks.

    Is it possible to have a mandatory profile however have IE to point to the bookmarks file stored on the users folder? Are there any other solutions to this?



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    Re: Roaming Profiles

    Not enough information man. What server/workstations are you running?

    2000/ad? win xp workstations?

    NT4? 98 workstations?

    I'd also like to add, that unless your working with kiosk computers, or gradeschool kids, mandatory profiles will probably not go over well. Being secure and providing the "illusion of freedom" results in a secure and and happy user base. If you are too blatant about it, they may just feel challenged to hack their comps (especially students).

    short answer: yes it's all possible with system policy editor on NT, and Group policy in win2k+, just the semantics of getting it done change.


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      Re: Roaming Profiles

      Try here:

      PS - Remember the search feature of a forum is your friend
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