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32bit and 64bit drivers

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  • 32bit and 64bit drivers

    Server: 2003 r2
    Clients: xp and 2007
    Network Printer: 4650

    On the server \printer and faxes\add new printer\ I created a printer hp4650 and installed 32 bit drivers and all works. Ok, I recently purchased laptops with windows 2007 w\64bit OS. From the server, is there a way to add both the 32bit and 64bit driver so when distributed, the windows 2007 client can print? Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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    Re: 32bit and 64bit drivers

    When you install the drivers on the server that will host the printer share, one of the dialog boxes asks you if you want to install driver versions for any other operating systems. If the driver is rated for Windows 7 64-bit, you should see an entry with a check box to fill. Once shared, the client will report it's OS to the server when the user adds the printer into his/her profile.

    If the driver for Windows 7 64-bit has to be installed as a separate entry as opposed to included as described above, simply define a second shared printer on the physical 4650 that uses the 64-bit driver, and name it so the users can tell the difference.
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      Re: 32bit and 64bit drivers

      this is a good idea, but hahahahah. so users can tell the difference?
      good for a chuckle

      i know of an organisation where te staff were sent a very clear email, stating some changes wer happening, and printers would be renamed to XYZ instead of what they were before, and that big stickers with the new names would be on printers.

      te help desk still received double-figures calls from users saying "i can't access my printer abc456" "printer abc456 is broken" "whatever you did to the server ruined my printer"

      A user isn't going to know they need the x64 printer !
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        Re: 32bit and 64bit drivers

        There is no windows 2007.

        When you install the driver for a printer on a server OS and use the server OS drivers for that printer, it usually already includes all other OS drivers within it.
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          Re: 32bit and 64bit drivers

          You need to add the 64bit driver to the 32bit machine using a 64bit client.

          You can't do it from the 32bit print server.
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            Re: 32bit and 64bit drivers


            I think you mean to say win 7 instead of win 2007. anyways. You can add x64 bit drivers using the following options. Go to printer properties > Sharing > Additional Drivers > Select x64 and then navigate to x64 bit drivers for win 7 os for that printer.

            If printer is older model than release date of os then either you need to check if printer driver for win 7 exit or use universal drivers or call vendor
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              Re: 32bit and 64bit drivers

              Correct, I meant windows 7...
              I followed the steps and installed the driver. If I go to the client, I can browse for the printer and manually install; however, the 64bit driver is not installing from the GPO on the windows 7 client but the 32bit driver does install on the xp client. Are other steps needed to force the 64bit to install?
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                Re: 32bit and 64bit drivers

                Server 2003 R2. Is this the 32 or 64bit version?
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