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  • High Availability File Server

    Hello All

    I have my own bad experience with DFS structures and am looking again at how to create a HA environment for our file services mainly to handle the profile distribution.

    Has anyone used or has any experience with cluster services within 2003, my basic model if I can get it working will be as follows:

    3 x P4, 1GB Ram Dell boxes Single IDE Drive (OS) & Single SATA Drive (Files)

    Dual networked to both primary Lan and also heartbeat Lan

    But what model would work in this setup?

    Single node cluster
    Single quorum device cluster
    Majority node set cluster

    We currently have some very large profiles, basically to deal with our CAD and Motor Vehicle design software, with around 300+ machines downloading at anyone time a profile of around 6mb on each login.

    This will be a long term dev project until I can come up with something that will offer some high level of availability.

    Any ideas most welcome
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    Re: High Availability File Server

    I agree that DFS replication is not good for profiles. However, in your clustering solution you are going to need some form of shared storage. If one box goes down, the other needs to take over the storage, right? Cheapest is a shared SCSI setup; limited to _two_ boxes though.


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      Re: High Availability File Server

      Thats the problem very little budget for this project, we do have some basic SCSI servers running off adaptec 21960 cards and also 2 SATA Adaptec 2410SA raid cards, so I will go back to the drawing board on this one me thinks and try and find another route with the technology we have in place!!!

      Many Thanks


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        Re: High Availability File Server

        Check out W2003 R2. There are some DFS enhancements here that might help you out. Especially client affinity.