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Profile save problem in XP Pro/2003 Server environment

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  • Profile save problem in XP Pro/2003 Server environment

    Hi all, I have XP Pro workstations and 2003 Servers. Users all have roaming profiles. When exiting XP (logging off, or restarting) an error comes up saying that a particular file could not be saved to their profile, and that it would not be updated. The file is the user log from Outlook 2K, and it is the same with (almost) all of the users. The ones that don't have this problem all show a "Syncronizing" box just prior to log-off. Anyone else ever see this? Thanks much.

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    Don't listen to me (cause I hate it when I'm horribly wrong) but I don't think the synchronizing has anything to do with the problems.
    The synchronizing just gets outlook, calander, and some offline files up to snuff.
    If I were you, I would check and make sure those users have access to the Profiles folder. Then again, I'm not a good network admin.

    Does this problem occur when they log on as well? They'd see 2 error messages pop up right after you enter the password if it was happening both ways.
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      Well, I know Outlook syncronizes when it's closed (depending on the settings), but this is ONLY when logging off the machine completely. I checked permissions and they're all good. It's just that one stupid file... Oh well, still digging - thanks!