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SYSVOL replication problem with all DCs

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  • SYSVOL replication problem with all DCs


    Multi-site setup with 8 DCs.

    Yesterday, one of the DC had problems with replicating the SYSVOL. Event log had tons of events 13552 and 13555 dating back to June. I proceeded with a non-authoritative restore (burflag D2) of the SYSVOL for this DC. That worked and SYSVOL was replicated.

    Today, I get on another DC and see event 13568. I did the Enable Wrap Automatic Restore and the SYSVOL never replicated. Event 13508 appeared stating it had difficulty replicating with the FSMO holder.

    I went on the server having the FSMO roles to find out event ID 13568 (jrn wrap error). I connected to every DC and all of them have event ID 13568.

    There's nothing wrong in the Directory Service logs and Active Directory is replicating fine.

    I was thinking about doing a authoritative restore (burflag D4) on the DC holding FSMO roles but not sure if that's the right solutions.

    Inputs and constructive comments are welcome


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    Re: SYSVOL replication problem with all DCs.


    Initially you may not see issue but if the difference is large in sysvol folder on all dc then you amy see inconsistent GPO application, inconsistent scripts execution. If you are getting these events on each domain controller.

    Probably you may want to give this article a thorough read. You need to find one consistent sysvol share and make it authoritative by setting burflag to D4 and restore.

    If you set Burflags to D4 on a single domain controller and set Burflags to D2 on all other domain controllers in that domain, you can rebuild the SYSVOL tree in that domain. This bulk rebuild process is known as a hub, branch, or bulk FRS restart.

    However be careful, you shud analyze how this can effect your AD env.
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