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  • domain controller

    i have a domain controller named dmn1 and which has AD, DHCP, dns and exchange services on it, and i want to setup a backup domain controller for this machine like naming it dmn2, what i want is, it should be in sync with AD, that change on one server is reflected on the other, and also with respect to emails on exchange, so just in case my domain controller dmn1 fails traffic automatically routes to dmn2 and the end user doesnt fell the difference at all, what should be the setup over here, my dmn1 machine has windows 2000 server editon and uses exchange 5.5 and i also want the dmn2 (ADDITIONAL domain controller) with the same setup.

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    Re: domain controller

    There no backup domain controller in Win 2000/2003.
    You should:

    1. Install new server with static IP.
    2. Setup it as new domain controller and reboot.

    3. Setup the server as global catalog server and reboot.

    4. Setup DNS server on the new server.

    * You do it from add/remove programs.

    5. Setup clients to use the new server as secondary DNS server.

    For the Exchange backup You can implment Exchange 2003 Clustering.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: domain controller

      but there are some guides for setting up backup domain controller, what are they for then ?


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        Re: domain controller

        There are no such things as Backup Domain Controllers. This harks back to NT4 with PDC's and BDC's.

        When a machine is promoted to a DC it assumes the same rights and responsibilities as the first DC, minus a few FSMO roles of course. Each server than has a read/write copy of the AD database which each can update. This is then replicated to the other server.

        Have a read at this it may help.

        Windows 2000 FSMO Roles