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Severe Windows 2003 Problem Plz Help!!!

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  • Severe Windows 2003 Problem Plz Help!!!

    Hi, I have Windows 2003 installed and its a Domain Controller, DNS integrated with Active Directory. My network card had some issues it sometimes stop working it's a faulty I think then later I replaced it with new NIC after restarting my windows the DNS service stopped working and my all zones were deleted automatically then Active Directory also stopped working my clients faced serious issues they couldn't logged in. Then I restore my windows from previous backup and now again my server is working but with my faulty NIC(Network Card). I want to replace my NIC with new one, can you please guide me the detail steps to change the NIC and their settings? Even though I configured it with the same ip but got damaged my Domain. Now please guide me to replace the NIC with some detail steps, so that my won't get damage again. 1000sss of thanks in advance

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    Re: Severe Windows 2003 Problem Plz Help!!!

    Uninstall the old card, disable in the BIOS if onboard.

    Install new card and transfer IP details to it.

    That should be it.

    Run a DCDIAG and NETDIAG and post the results here.


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      Re: Severe Windows 2003 Problem Plz Help!!!


      Try the following method. This is from ExpertExchange

      The first step is to use Device Manager to remove the existing device - if you don't and just disable it then it will retain the IP and when you try and set the same IP on the new card Windows will object because there is already a device (all be it diabled) that has that IP.

      You then need to power down the server, re-boot and enter the BIOS, diable the on-board NIC in the BIOS, save the BIOS changes and power down.

      You then need to install the new NIC and boot into windows - you may get a 'At least one device failed to load' message and it may take a while to boot the first time. If necessary - and it probably will be - install the new drivers for the new NIC. You can then assign the TCP/IP settings.

      At this point it is best to re-boot the machine again so that the services that failed to load because a network card was not present can now do so.

      Its then just a matter of checking all is well.
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