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  • Old sysvol data question

    Hi all,

    About 6 months ago I had some problems on my domain where sysvol wasn't replicating. Originally there were 2 DCs but I had added 2 more to replace them, when I noticed sysvol wasn't replicating. I did some work and eventually (after a bit of a balls up) did an authoritative restore of sysvol using the D4 burflag on my primary DC, and D2 burflags on my other DCs.

    Everything replicated fine and sysvol appeared on my other DCs, so all good. But, I didn't notice at the time that the 2nd old DC didn't work correctly, so even though SYSVOL appeared, the data never replicated too it so a few days after that I stopped the NTFRS service on it. The 2 new ones were working so I thought I'd leave it until it was ready to be removed.

    Now, I've come to remove the old DC2 and before I DCPROMO it back to a member server I think its best I resolve this FRS problem first to make sure its all clean. Problem is, the sysvol data on this DC is about 6 months out of date now.

    The last entry in the event log before stopping the service was Event ID: 13559 regarding NTFRS_CMD_FILE_MOVE_ROOT.

    I don't want to just start FRS back up and create that file as I want to make sure everything in sysvol gets overwritten on this server with the current data. Would this happen being as the data is so old, or would I be best emptying the sysvol folder here of the old data and then to start the FRS service on here with the D2 burflag so it pulls all the latest data over?

    Thanks guys!

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