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  • Help with DC and AD

    Hello Guys,

    I need major help. I was trying to get rid of a Warning with EvenID 13568 did what MS recommends and got rid of the Warning. However after that all hell broke lose. Users are not authenticating with the Domain, I cannot add computers to the Domain or see the Shares.

    Configuracin IP de Windows

    Nombre del host . . . . . . . : avxvzval
    Sufijo DNS principal . . . . : avxdomain.val
    Tipo de nodo. . . . . . . . . : desconocido
    Enrutamiento IP habilitado. . : S
    Proxy de WINS habilitado. . . : S
    Lista de bsqueda sufijo DNS : avxdomain.val

    Adaptador Ethernet Conexin de rea local:

    Sufijo conexin especfica DNS:
    Descripcin . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
    Direccin fsica. . . . . . . : xx-xx-xx-45-D7-C9
    DHCP habilitado . . . . . . . : No
    Direccin IP. . . . . . . . . :
    Mscara de subred . . . . . . :
    Puerta de enlace predet.. . . :
    Servidores DNS. . . . . . . . :
    Servidor WINS principal . . . :

    Please checkout the attached logs.

    I have to mention that this is the only DC, it's running Windows Server 2k3 Standard Edition SP2.
    Attached Files

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    Re: Help with DC and AD

    When was your last system state backup? Hopefully, just before you made changes. Do you know the changes you have made, if any? Does event viewer shed any further light? Was there a problem before with the DC hence the urgency or concern in removing the event?
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      Re: Help with DC and AD

      There is no System State Backup, just the regular NTBackup. There was not any urgency to remove the Warning, I just did it not knowing this could happen. I messed up real bad.

      As far as Event Viewer, I keep getting Application Errors 1030 1054 1006. That's about it.


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        Re: Help with DC and AD

        Is the NTbackup a backup of system state? Backing up system state using NTbackup is very quick. Are you able to post some of the events and translate each in English. Even just a brief extract?


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          Re: Help with DC and AD

          Can you give us a link to the microsoft procedure so we have an idea of what you did to your poor, innocent network?
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            Re: Help with DC and AD

            The backup I have is a full system backup, not a System State Backup. As far as I know this backup only has files in it.

            I'm guessing you saw the logs I attached, and the events I can see now are:

            1030 Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects. A message that describes the reason for this was previously logged by the policy engine.

            1006 Windows cannot bind to <domain name> domain. (Invalid Credentials). Group Policy processing aborted.

            The 2 above occur every 5 minutes. The following occurred after a reboot:

            1054 Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (<error description>). Group Policy processing aborted.


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              Re: Help with DC and AD

              This is the warning I had before all of this happened:

              Event ID 13568
              Source NtFrs
              Type Error
              Description The File Replication Service has detected that the replica set "DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)" is in JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.

              Replica set name is : "DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)"
              Replica root path is : "c:\winnt\sysvol\domain"
              Replica root volume is : "\\.\C:"
              A Replica set hits JRNL_WRAP_ERROR when the record that it is trying to read from the NTFS USN journal is not found. This can occur because of one of the following reasons.

              [1] Volume "\\.\C:" has been formatted.
              [2] The NTFS USN journal on volume "\\.\C:" has been deleted.
              [3] The NTFS USN journal on volume "\\.\C:" has been truncated. Chkdsk can truncate the journal if it finds corrupt entries at the end of the journal.
              [4] File Replication Service was not running on this computer for a long time.
              [5] File Replication Service could not keep up with the rate of Disk IO activity on "\\.\C:".
              Setting the "Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore" registry parameter to 1 will cause the following recovery steps to be taken to automatically recover from this error state.
              [1] At the first poll, which will occur in 5 minutes, this computer will be deleted from the replica set. If you do not want to wait 5 minutes, then run "net stop ntfrs" followed by "net start ntfrs" to restart the File Replication Service.
              [2] At the poll following the deletion this computer will be re-added to the replica set. The re-addition will trigger a full tree sync for the replica set.

              WARNING: During the recovery process data in the replica tree may be unavailable. You should reset the registry parameter described above to 0 to prevent automatic recovery from making the data unexpectedly unavailable if this error condition occurs again.

              To change this registry parameter, run regedit.

              Click on Start, Run and type regedit.

              Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
              Click down the key path:
              "System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameter s"
              Double click on the value name
              "Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore"
              and update the value.

              If the value name is not present you may add it with the New->DWORD Value function under the Edit Menu item. Type the value name exactly as shown above.


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                Re: Help with DC and AD

                Do you have one or multiple DC's?
                What is the current OS and SP levels?
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                  Re: Help with DC and AD

                  Just One DC Win Server 2k3 Standard Edition SP2


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                    Re: Help with DC and AD

                    Have you tried reversing the changes you made???


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                      Re: Help with DC and AD

                      Negative. Changing the Registry back to how it was did not work.

                      Apparently there is a way to force the service making some changes to the registry. I'll let you guys know.


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                        Re: Help with DC and AD

                        Guys, using Authoritative FRS restore worked following the procedures here:


                        Just have to make sure you have the files of Sysvol Folder and then

                        How to temporarily stabilize the domain SYSVOL tree