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2003 DC server to 2016 DC

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  • 2003 DC server to 2016 DC

    So here's what I've done. I raised the 2003 server from 2k to 2k3 and got the FSMO transferred from 2003 to the new 2016 server, I've got the AD replicated over into 2016, I've done the RID, PID, and else pointing to the new DC in 2016. I got the DNS and DHCP setup in 2016 and pc's are pulling IP and DNS lookups. I confirmed the FSMO was successful with netdom /query fsmo and it's all pointing to the new 2016 DC. Pretty much everything I did in Step 1 and Step 2 on this website went smoothly. My problems arrise in Step 3.
    TutuappWhen I go to run DCPROMO to demote 2003 and promote 2016 as the main domain controller, it says it can't see the 2016 DC. And if I try to tell it that it's the last DC on the network, it errors out saying that it isn't the last DC on the network. So right now I can't demote the 2003 server and let 2016 take over for AD. So I thought, hey let's just try unplugging the 2003 DC from the network and see what happens. Immeadiately my 2016 DC ShowBox can't communicate to the domain and will not load. So it's like my 2016 DC is replicating only when 2003DC is connected to the network. My DHCP is working fine on 2016 server, so now I'm here on Reddit to ask if someone has ran into this problem before and can tell me what I might have missed.
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    What do you mean it will not load (with reference to the 2016 server)?

    Did you make Server 2016 a Global Catalog?
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      When you use DCPROMO to demote a DC, the option for 'last domain controller on the domain' refers to the machine you are demoting whereupon it will remove the domain entirely.

      You still have the 2016 - you say you replicated AD to the 2016 machine, but then you say you try to demote 2003 and promote 2016 - you're not being clear about what the state of your servers are.

      Is your 2016 server a domain controller?
      Have you checked the DNS records on the 2016 server to make sure SOA exists etc.?

      If it is a DC, both servers are equal and should work side by side.

      Have you run dcdiag to determine the health of your domain? Run dcdiag /test:dns as well.
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        Have you checked the DNS records on the 2016 server to make sure SOA exists etc.? <LINK REMOVED>
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