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server 2003 issues could use some help

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  • server 2003 issues could use some help

    ive got a server 2003 box that runs as the shoretel phone system. well the server that is ancient has died. And in all my attempts and efforts to fix this has failed. I have swapped the drive into a new server and attempted to do a repair on the install and that was a no go. I virtualized the drive and tried to spin it up on a hyper-v host. Did a fixmbr and fixboot. that didnt work I have run chkdsk /f /r on the drive. <SPAM LINK>
    which it found some errors. I have googled the crap out of the error and none of them have worked. it is BSOD on boot with 0x0000007b <SPAM LINK>
    thanks in advance if any of you have run into this <SPAM LINK>
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    Did the 2003 server hardware have a RAID controller (hardware or softRAID) or was it just a single drive?
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      Do you think the drive itself has failed? Can you see the drive if it is added as a slave? If so, have you tried cloning it to another drive and popping that back in the 2003 system?
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