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Need to join an inactive 2003 server to a domain.

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  • Need to join an inactive 2003 server to a domain.

    The company that I work for just acquired a new company, along with 2 workstations came a 2003 server that was joined to a domain, I need to join it to our domain but it will not let me because it was a DC and when I try to change the doamin it is grayed out and warns me that a DC can not be joined to our domain, do I simply use the dcpromo command?


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    Correct. You need to demote that server, please note that this will remove AD completely, and allow you to add that server to your domain.


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      Just a couple of things to consider, IMO. How old is the server hardware and second, do you really want to put a 15 year old Server Operating System onto your network? Now I really liked Server 2003 but I would not consider anything older than Server 2012 R2 installed on a server now. Anyway, that's what I think.
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