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Help Please! Web Base Domain user password management using IIS

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  • Help Please! Web Base Domain user password management using IIS


    Most domain users do not logon to domain at their workstation. So, they won't have a chance on changing their password. I wanted to have a web base password management tool for our domain. The first thing I did was to follow these;

    Basic steps:
    A. The version of Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 that ships with Windows 2003 includes some Web-administration tools that are disabled by default. To enable the tools, perform the following steps:
    • Run Internet Information Server (IIS) Management.
    • Under the default website choose New->virtual Directory to start the wizard
    • Name the site IISADMPWD
    • The publish folder value is enter C:\windows\system32\inetsrv\iisadmpwd
    • For permissions make sure Read and Run scripts are checked

    The page is accessible via http: //localhost/iisadmpwd/aexp2b.asp but when I tried to change password I get redirected and page error at https: //localhost/iisadmpwd/achg.asp?

    How do I make (or do I need to convert) http: //localhost/iisadmpwd/aexp2b.asp into https: //localhost/iisadmpwd/aexp2b.asp to be able to work?

    By the way we don't have an exchange yet.. But I hope it wouldn't be a factor..

    Please enlighten me guys! thanks in advance..

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    Enable https on the website.

    However i have no idea why you would have a domain and not let users login to it. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a domain.