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Different DHCP Scopes

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  • Different DHCP Scopes

    I have AD-DNS-DHCP Server on VLAN25 - 10.6.25.x
    and I have my Win7 in VLAN26 - 10.6.26.x

    now I need my WIn7 Clients to get IPs from a DHCP scope

    right now the server provides or have a DHCP Scope on for VLAN 25 and releases IPs for VLAN25 now do I have to do something special If I create a new scope for VLAN 26?

    Or I just create another Scope for VLAN26 and routing will do the rest?

    I was reading about to configure the IP Helper on Cisco Routers...if that is configured it's all that is needed? I mean just create a new Scope on VLAN26 and my clients on VLAN26 will request IP on that scope?

    thanks a lot

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    Thats exactly what the IP helper does.