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the browser was unable to update the service bits error

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  • the browser was unable to update the service bits error

    Hello there,

    I got a serious problem here, at least for me. I've been getting this problem the last couple weeks

    I'm using Windows server 2003 Standard Edition R2, and i get my windows server freezed every morning. I still can move my mouse, but the Start menu and taskbar don't work, and Ctrl + Alt+ Del doesn't do anything.

    Then, i checked the event viewer, and i got this error:
    EventID: 8007
    The browser was unable to update the service status bits. The data is the error.
    The browser error message occurs with 2 hours interval. Every time i hard restart the server, it's normal again, but it will get freeze again in the next morning.

    I've been using Process Explorer software to find any process related to that error. And i found process svchost.exe which the service computer browser is in, contained 0x77e617ec process which keep occurring and i have no idea when it'll finish. I think my windows get freeze because that never ending process and eating my memory process.

    I couldn't print-screen when i'm getting the 0x77e617ec, because i couldn't open any software. And i couldn't post image either here. May i'll add some pictures later.

    When my windows server get freeze, 0x77e617ec process keep occurring under Start Address in the Process Explorer all the time.

    Is this a windows bug? Hardware issue? or Virus? Any suggestions?

    I've searched similar topic here, just found only one, and seems it hasn't solved yet.

    Thank you.

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    Re: the browser was unable to update the service bits error

    Read this, and determine what process 0x77e617 is then we can debug from there.