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  • Monitoring Services

    Does anyone know of an easy to use tool that will monitor specific servcies in a windows 2003 server.

    We need to be emailed preferably when particular services stop when they should not have - ie are set to automatic but for some reason stop.

    Any thoughts on this much appreciated.

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    Re: Monitoring Services

    Hobbit and Nagios can monitor Windows process tables for specific process images, and email, SMS or page when defined conditions occur.

    There are probably a great deal more of monitoring tools that can do this, but these are the two I use.


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      Re: Monitoring Services

      I've heard good things about Nagios, so I second that notion.
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        Re: Monitoring Services

        uhm. windows itself does this. You can make it perform certain actions when services stop.
        one of those actions could be a script to email yourself.

        it's somewhere under "action to taken when service restarts"
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          Re: Monitoring Services

          Whip up your own solution with PowerShell. It isn't installed on Win2k3 on default, but you can get it for free from Microsoft.

          Listing the desired services with Get-Service will get you started.