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  • Clean up WSUS

    I have a WSUS server that I have very carefully selected the products and classifications I download updates for and it has been running smoothly for a long time. Recently the University I work for said "Hey, why don't you point to our upstream server for updates and save some bandwidth?". Seemed like a good idea so I did it. Unfortunately their upstream server pushed updates for EVERY product and classification!! Now I have almost 7000 unapproved updates! I promptly switched back to downloading from Microsoft again. Is there any way for me to re-sync for only my choices and not have to pick through 6776 updates looking for the few that I need?

    UPDATE: Running the Server Cleanup Wizard now...
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    Re: Clean up WSUS

    Sorry, but WSUS downloading from some upline server OTHER THAN Microsoft means that upline server decides what you get. I have the same problem in a military network: we can't connect to M-Soft and set our preferences, we are required to get our updates from another server inside the classified environment. And since they provide updates to domains all over the military with wildly different architectures and requirements, they push it all. And so we have to remember to use the cleanup wizard at least once every 2 weeks.
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      Re: Clean up WSUS

      Actually you can set the downstream server as a replica (duplicate) of the upstream server or independent. For the latter you have to self approve all updates first, but it is easiest to:
      1) Approve only needed updates (for your clients)
      2) Only download updates once approved

      Yes, you will have a long list of unapproved updates, but since they are not needed, they can be ignored
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