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Full Backup Windows 2003

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  • Full Backup Windows 2003

    hi guys

    my boss asked me for a software/strategy for backup about 25 Windows 2003 Physical servers....

    so my questions
    In case I have to do it manually which Free Software do you recommend me for full OS backup?

    In case I want to automate this which free tool do you recommend me?

    thanks a lot

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    Re: Full Backup Windows 2003

    Hello Kopper,

    Backs really depend on the size of the company(Is that 25 SERVERs (plus workstations?), and exactuly how fast you wish to recover, and any extra recovery options (bare metal, instant file recovery, workstation backup, exchange backup, sql backup, tape, ect ect ect.).

    NT Backup comes with Windows and is a rather good FREE backup software. It will allow you to automate it, send out reports as well as meny other things.
    It does have some limitions, and the interface is really really bad, but its free and inculded.

    With a network of 25 servers, I would invest in some paided backup software. Backup Exec is a rather good serise that will allow you to setup a centilized backup server, with about every option that backup software has (I am 2 version out of date). The down side to it, is its rather expensive.

    I would also recommend some imaging software to allow for bare metal restore, or easy replication of servers. We use a little app called Snapshot is a nice cheap, simple imaging program, but does require abit of scripting to get it to do everything it can. There are heaps of imaging solutions, inculding a MS image server, but I have not used them.

    I find it kinda insane that you ahve 25 servers and no current backup solution, I would highly recommend getting some large external drives and use NT backup to take a full system backup of all your servers stright away. I would then work on a proper solution for the size of your network.

    If you must go completely free, there are some graphical interfaces you can get for NT backup, but I can not really recommend any free software. I do not trust a whole company to a single piece of free user made software.

    Hope this helps, and please feel free to ask any more questions.

    Good to be back....


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      Re: Full Backup Windows 2003

      I think Wofen's response is probably the best response you can hope to receive in this scenario.

      You've basically come along, and told us your boss has given you a task, and asked us how to do it. You've then even failed to give us more information to help decide on the suitable implementation.

      - How often do you need to back up.
      - What sort of retention period do you need for your data
      - what sort of recovery window is acceptable for if it all goes to hell
      - what sort of backup window do you have to back up the data
      - how MUCH data do you need to back up ? (25 servers does not tell us how much.)
      - what sort of budget do you have (obviously a very low one, if he wants a free backup solultion.)

      there's SO much more involved to a backup scenario than just the cost of the backup software.
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