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Permissions and Group Policies on Terminal Services 2003

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  • Permissions and Group Policies on Terminal Services 2003

    Hi All

    Im setting up a TS using thin clients, about 25 of them, the clients connect fine, but there are several issues I want to fix before deployment next week, I have searched for lots solutions before and no luck, the issues.

    Certain user have access to VTransaction (program), the others dont. (this is what i need to happen)

    Users cant move desktop items around only create using context menu.

    Also remove things like 'properties' and 'run' from start menu etc using Group Policies also affects the Administrator account and I cant see why.

    Any help and advice would be excellent and hugely appreciated.

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    Re: Permissions and Group Policies on Terminal Services 2003


    That is some strange problems.

    I would start by running a few Result Sets for the GPO on different users, it sounds like a GPO is linked somewhere its not ment to be. Run one on a user who can access VTranscation, one who cant, a admin, and a new blank(removed from any OU that has a GPO linked to it) user.

    If you can not spot any problems there, create some new users, see how they are effected, are they all the same, or do 2 users created off a single user have different results.

    Hope that helps,

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