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NTP Clock setup

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  • NTP Clock setup

    Hi All,
    I am receiving errors from several servers relating to NTP. I dont have this set up but now wish to.

    SO i have read several posts but am abit confused. I wish to have my main DC syncing its time from the interenet. from there i would like to configure group policy to send all other servers and PC's the that DC. I dont wish do do this through the registry. The question is how do i do this? I can send my DC to sync with the internet thats no problem but its pointing the clients im having an issue with. How do i point them to the server?

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: NTP Clock setup

    What seems to be the problem with not doing it through the registry?

    Have you read this KB article? Scroll down to the second MS Fixit Wizard and use that.

    Once the Server running the PDC Emulator has been synced to an external time source then all intenal machine will sync to it.
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      Re: NTP Clock setup

      You shouldn't have to point the clients at the PDC Emulator.

      All other DC's should automatically sync with the PDC Emulator and all clients should automatically sync with their authenticating DC.

      If you only have one DC then the clients should be automatically syncing with it already.


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        Re: NTP Clock setup

        For some reason a whole bunch my servers were pointing to my DC2. I run the below on each server erroring.

        NET TIME \DCname /SET /YES

        I havent had any errors since so fingers crossed thats done the trick.