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Disable local network brawse using GPO

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  • Disable local network brawse using GPO


    In the next few days, new employees should be start working in my workspace, they are sub-contracts and the management asked me to prevent them from browsing other computer in our network, I would like to disable \\computer\share using GPO (windows 2003).

    how it can be done ? Can you please assist on that ?


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    Re: Disable local network brawse using GPO

    found it !

    Enable "Remove run menu from start menu" (User configuration > administrative templates > start menu and Taskbar).

    Thanks to EFLA...


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      Re: Disable local network brawse using GPO

      Well done on finding the solution and thank you for posting it back here. Much appreciated.
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        Re: Disable local network brawse using GPO

        I would like to point out that the remove run from taskbar does not stop you browsing other computers, as you can do that from Windows Explorer, IE, Firefox, Notepad, MS word...

        Anywhere program that can save a file can browse other peoples computers, you need to remove the share permissions.

        What type of permissions does he need? If its just internet access, just do not give him and domain priv and he should be able to touch anything.

        Also, it seems abit strange that you will be connecting his computer to your domain (so the GPO is deployed) and then removing all domain access.

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