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  • Internet access

    Hi All

    I have a user on our domain and he previously did not have access to Internet as he was not allowed.

    Now he needs it for his work so I removed the secuirty group that he was on and made him a member of a group that has internet access.

    How ever after 24hours when he logs in he still does not have internet access. I have logged in as another user who is in the same security group on the computer and their internet access is fine. so It is something to do with his profile on the server.

    I have made him an local admin on the computer to no avail.

    I even added him to the admin policy group but still has no internet access.

    Can anyone please advise.

    The user is on XP Pro SP3 and server is sbs2003


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    Re: Internet access

    Are you using ISA?
    Does he need a default gateway configured, or a proxy server configured?

    what happens when he tries to access the internet exactly ?
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      Re: Internet access

      Hi Thank you,

      We dont use a proxy server settings, and when he connects it says 'connection problems' and there is a diagnose button.

      I've been working on this for 2 days and when I finally decide to write a post I find a resolution !!!!

      The problem was even though I added him to the correct security group he was still under the restricted user group under group policy management section on the server. Dont know why it removed from one but not the other.