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  • Terminal Server Problem

    Hey Guys
    I have 2 questions.
    1. I installed new server with Windows small business server 2003 and I add terminal server but its not working, I even try from inside the network and I add All the TS feature under the add/remove programs. Usually I use to see under administration tools -> Configure your server wizard but I donít see it.
    2. I installed exchange 2003 just for the local users but the main e-mail will be pop3 e-mail. When I add the exchange in the client everything is fine but the pop3 mail doesnít work, there is an error of finding pop3 mail server.
    The client has DNS server address and when I ping from the client to the pop3 mail server Iím getting replay from the server (local ip address)
    Instead of my hosting company ip address. Does anyone has any idea what do I need to do? I also did forwarding on the server under DNS to my isp DNS server.

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    Re: Terminal Server Problem

    1. There no option to use SBS 2003 as TS server. You can only use it as
    terminal server license server or manage it via RDP with up two admin
    2. POP3 - There no real need to Exchange and POP3 accounts on the clients.
    You can configure the Exchange to be the mail server and redirect the
    mail traffic to it - To implement this methood please review SBS docs.
    Also, the clients should configure to use the SBS as DNS and Wins server.
    After this, you will need to setup two email accounts - Exchange + POP3 -
    for POP3 settings you will need to connect the ISP that supplied you
    the POP3 accounts.
    Then you can configure via outlook settings that the primary account
    will be the POP3 account.

    There also option to configure the SBS to download POP3 to Exchange
    mail box via POP3 Connector - To implement this methood please review
    SBS docs.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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