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    Hello, I'd like to get a little help please!! I'm trying to Bypass the Password mode on a Compaq Presario, and at first, I get a greenish window with a old fashioned key on it, asking me for a password. I hit escape, F8, and F10 to try and get into setup mode and it won't let me. After a few trys, it goes into a Blue window screen that says, "Boot Block Emergency Recovery Mode. The System Flash Has Been Corrupted. Please Insert a ROMPaq diskette into dr A: and cycle the power on the system. A ROMPaq diskette may be obtained from". What does all that mean? I used information from this site before, regarding the same typs of matter, and it worked like a charm!


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    I think it means there is a BIOS password (nothing to do with Windows) that is either stopping you getting into BIOS setup or into anything (sorry, not quite clear from your post).

    I think you will need to speak to Compaq and prove you own the PC, then they will sell you the RomPAQ disk.

    I dont know if there are other ways of resetting the BIOS password on this particular PC - others might be able to offer a specific solution.

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      "IF" You have the book on the System that tells about the motherboard. And shows a lay out of the Motherboard. Look for JP8 (most are) move it to discharge bios. BE SURE to power the system off and unpluged. After discharge bios you should be able to get into the bios on the board. the only BAD thing about this is that you have to reset everything back up on the board. IE cpu setting ,Video, boot order, etc. Dont worrie its no that tough. If your not sure, you should ask there tack support.
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