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  • Group Policy question

    Hello, I want to set a group policy to a standard user we have at our school (Student) which most students use, but I don't want one GPO to affect other containers with this same user. Is this possible?

    I'll try and explain a bit more...

    I have GPO's set for this user (student) and have certain policies set for one container (classroom A), but now I have to set a policy for this same user for another classroom (classroom B), but I don't want this policy to affect this user while logged on in classroom A.

    Active Directory Domain
    .(Container - Classroom A) (GPO -1)
    -----------Student (user object) IE homepage set to
    .(Container - Classroom B) (GPO -2)
    ----------- IE homepage set to (How do I point this GPO -2) to this same user to receive a different set of policies?

    Is this possible?

    I read something about loopback but not sure how to go about setting it up.

    Any help is much appreciated.
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    Computers in the OUs (not containers, which are at the domain level) and loopback processing should do it
    is your friend for the details but roughly:
    Computer gets its policy at startup
    User gets policy at logon (so over-rides computer settings)
    Loopback either replaces user settings or merges computer with user settings, but computer settings beat user
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      For the above query just use this tool which is helpful in maintaining group policy in an organization. Below is the link.
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